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Saturday, July 08, 2006

By The Waters Edge
One of 75 Original Poems
By David W. Atherton
Warning !!!
I am into many things,
many worlds,
I accept the powers given to me
from many different beings.

I do not deny the Lord,
nor do I deny the Ancients.
I bow before no one,
for this is my own sacred realm.

If what I choose is wrong,
then why must I have the ability to choose?
If those I lead should not follow,
then why must they have the ability to walk?

If what I create should not be felt,
then why must man have a heart?
If I am not to own this world,
then why was I put here to begin with?

This is my sacred realm, I do not ask you to bow.
Just respect the world around you
and feel my loving power.

If you are here to hurt the innocent;
I assure you,
my guilt will eat your heart.

If you are here to feed on the weak;
my strength will in time devour you.

If you are here to take from the poor;
my riches will bury you.

If you are here –
for anything other –
than the love of my art –
leave now –
before your soul is forever lost.


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